What makes a triathlon race good? The quality of the course, the weather, the distance of accommodation and a lot of other things certainly matter, but those who have already attended such a competition know that the human factor is of dominant significance. Who do you meet at registration, on the course, at changes – how do they talk to you, look at you and do they help from their hearts? Thus volunteers play a determining role in the success of a race!

We have had excellent volunteers ever since the beginning and we owe mainly to them that IRONMAN 70.3 Budapest was the best race in Europe in 2014 and the event main-tained its outstanding standard last year as well. We hope that with the help of our vol-unteers we will be as successful this year too. Join a cheerful, enthusiastic team – apply to this year’s race as a volunteer.

If you fancy and feel enthusiastic about participating in the arrangement of an interna-tional sport event of outstanding standard, we are looking forward to seeing you in the volunteer team of IRONMAN 70.3 Budapest. Your age is also important: you must be of age, that is, over 18 to become a volunteer.

There are a lot of interesting tasks at such a race and we always try to employ you in the areas where you would like to be the most. But we cannot guarantee this, so it is im-portant for you to be flexible with regard to the assignment of responsibilities.

We are aware that successful arrangement of the event is impossible without the work of the hundreds of sport-loving volunteers like you. We show our gratitude for your valuable assistance with a unique volunteer package including accessories with the IRONMAN 70.3 Budapest logo. We provide food and drink supplies for our volunteers ad-justed to the schedule during the time of the event.

Furthermore, we would also like to thank for the devoted work by ensuring that volun-teers who participated in our previous events may attend our running events in 2016 free of charge and may also register with a discount to the triathlon races we organ-ize.

Follow us on Facebook too. We draw valuable sponsor gifts among the regularly re-turning visitors of our site during the year.

The organizer team of IRONMAN 70.3 Budapest is looking forward to seeing you.ÖNKÉNTESEK-1521424218164749/